Ombra a kitchen that is green from the inside out

The inspiration for Ombra comes from the lush Danish nature. We have exclusively used wood from certified sustainable forestry  in this design, which is green from the inside to the outside. The smooth, matte green fronts are made from recycled plastic bottles. The curved handles are reminiscent of smooth pebbles from the Danish beaches and are available in six colors, so you can choose your own unique look. So sit back, pause, and be fully present as you explore the design behind Ombra.



The Ombra kitchen comes with a functional system of three drawers that appear elegant as just two drawers. With this design, you get a kitchen that is easier to organize, so you achieve a Danish design expression without having to compromise on functionality. We think that is the beauty of Danish design.



The distinctive handles can be easily replaced and are available in six different colors, so you can make your kitchen more personal. The material you choose for the handles highlights the color of the kitchen fronts, and a little new update can make your kitchen last a little longer. That way, you can easily add a little extra character to your kitchen and freshen it up.

made with care for the next generation.

We are ambitious with everything we do. We are constantly thinking new to be able to live up to our mission to deliver high quality Danish design at surprisingly low prices. We use the same template when it comes to sustainability.

One of the ways we work to become more sustainable is seen right here in our new Ombra kitchen. Thanks to fronts covered with recycled PET, we recycle 40-45 bottles per. 60 cm front. All wood in Ombra is FSC-certified, which means it comes from sustainable sources. That is why we say that Ombra is green from the inside out.

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Kvik joined forces with the Danish design company Says Who to develop the Ombra kitchen. Nikolaj Duve and Casper Meldgaard's roots in the proud Danish design traditions suited Kvik well.

"We love simplicity and have a passion for keeping things simple. We are nurtured by our curiosity and we always try to challenge the expected. We believe that design is for everyone. We wanted to make a kitchen where natural elements play a central role in a modern kitchen for the future. Clean lines and simplicity define the overall shape. Unique details tell its story. " - Says Who

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We have high ambitions, both in terms of design and price. Every day we work hard to develop intelligent solutions to give you Danish design at surprisingly low prices.

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