Beautiful Counters Belong in Every Kitchen

Countertops are functional and central components of every kitchen. Beautiful counters help create an inviting space, whether it is for cooking a gourmet meal or enjoying a snack. Having open counter space is essential for practical kitchen use, but you may also want to decorate the area to please the eye. It is possible to do both, even with small kitchens and limited counter space. Here are some tips to having beautiful counters in your kitchen.


There are many materials you can choose from for your countertop. Granite and quartz are durable and easy to maintain. Wood can offer a softer, warmer feel but may need a little more care. All of them come in different natural colors, designs, and patterns for you to make the central scheme for your kitchen design. You can also opt for a more muted matte finish or rougher surfaces in spots to blend textures for a pleasing look. If you are on a budget, you could use higher quality materials for the main workspaces that would get more wear and tear and choose a more affordable material for areas that are more for show.

Once you have the counter material, you can then select different materials for decorations, utensils, and storage to complement it. Think about solid-colored vases or holders, or metal light fixtures and cabinet handles. Even the color and style of your appliances can help enhance the beauty of your counters.


For a more seamless sensation producing cleaner lines along your counters, you may want to consider an integrated sink. This is a sink made of the same material as the counter. It creates a depth and shape while still maintaining a continuous flow. It can also be easier to clean since there are no cracks for crumbs and spills to get stuck in.

You also do not have to think of the counter as just one big slab around your kitchen. You can extend your counterspace with different levels as shelving, food preparation station, or as a separate seating area. If your space allows, you may want to think about a kitchen island.


Remember that counters are first and foremost, functional spaces. As you arrange things, from appliances, to holders, to decorations, make sure that you can still make a meal. Keep outlets accessible and appliances that need those plugs nearby. If you do not use an appliance very often, consider storing it away. That food processor may look impressive, but you would not want it getting in the way of your morning cup of coffee!

Nevertheless, functional objects can also be beautiful on your counters. Dish soap dispensers, sponge trays and the like can add a little color or personality to the sink area. Spice racks and utensil holders can be strategically placed for best use but also create a tone. A bowl of fruit can be a pretty touch and a helpful reminder that a healthy snack is always nearby.


Using appliances and utensils as décor is an excellent design strategy, but you can also accentuate your counter space with splashes of delight. Maybe a vibrant silver statuette, quirky cookie jar, or a stunning piece of art along the wall above the counter. Think about stylish bookends to help display cookbooks or an elegant countertop stand for your tablet or cookbook.

Colorful décor and appliances can add to your countertop’s beauty. But you may also want to cultivate your green thumb and have access to the freshest ingredients with a little herb garden in a sunnier spot on your counter. Let these different accents and touches reflect your personality as well. Draw from your favorite colors and motifs as you plan how to lay out your countertop.


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