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Kitchen Islands from Kvik

Gather family and friends around the kitchen island, and create extra space for cooking and storage.


A kitchen island is the best epitome of the SociableKitchen® - and the essence of a dream kitchen. If the space permits, you can create an open kitchen with a kitchen island that invites social gathering and shared experiences. And make the kitchen the focal point for much more than cooking and meals.

But how do you find the kitchen island that suits you and your home - and what opportunities are there? We guide you through the various considerations and options to arrange for the best island to suit your kitchen.


Food preparers should not get in the way of each other, and there must be enough room to open drawers and doors. Therefore, we recommend at least 90 cm all the way around the island.

If you set up a food prep island or cooking island in too little space, you run the risk of disturbing the workflow and hindering the freedom of movement in the kitchen. Moreover, too large of an island can make the kitchen seem smaller.

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Even in a few square meters, space can be created for togetherness, life and contemplation. Find inspiration for how to get more kitchen life in less space.


Practical, functional, beautiful and elegant - or maybe all of these attributes? And what about the possibilities for a cooking zone, food prep area, or dining area?

It is important to decide what function your new kitchen island should serve - in addition to providing more workspace and storage. If it is to be used primarily as a gathering place for family and friends, it isn’t necessary to have a sink or hob installed. If, on the other hand, the kitchen island serves as an extension of the kitchen itself, it is a good idea to move cooking functions and work zones to the island.

The Battle Against Smoke and Steam - Remember the Hood

An extractor hood is indispensable for removing smoke and steam from your kitchen. Therefore, it is a good idea to think about the hood in the planning of the cooking island. Our kitchen specialists can help you find the cooker hood that doesn’t interfere with the freedom of vision - and perhaps even adds a cool design element to your kitchen.


If the kitchen island serves as an extension of the kitchen, it is an obvious place to place the hob or sink. A cooking island or washing station not only gives you more room for larger arm movements, but also gives a good view of the rest of the room, so cooking and socializing can be combined.

Be aware that there are usually a number of costs involved in moving water and electricity installations. If your existing kitchen does not have a kitchen island with water and / or electricity, you can keep costs down by choosing a solution that does not depend on it. You still get all the great benefits of a genuine Sociable Kitchen ®.


In addition to space to put warm things away - here is recommended a minimum of 40 cm on both sides of the hob - pots, pans, kettles and the like should be placed near the flare. The same applies to salt, pepper and spices.

If you get the sink integrated in the kitchen island, it is obvious to have the dishwasher located close by. Then you can rinse off and put service directly in the dishwasher in one continuous movement. In addition, there must be good workplace and table space around the sink so that the potatoes can be peeled effortlessly and the salad rinsed.

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Think about the working zones in the planning of your kitchen and the location of the various elements incl. your kitchen island or cooking island. This will ensure the optimal flow in cooking.


While preparing dinner, the kids sit on the other side of the table doing homework, and the day's experiences in the school or daycare center are discussed. Or maybe you just put the steaks on your range while your guests enjoy a glass of red wine and tell you about their latest holiday.

If these examples match one of your dream scenarios, then an island with seating is the right solution for you. You can choose a slightly raised bar counter, or add a table top extension of the kitchen island.

Remember to Account for Leg Room

There must be room for the legs for both adults and children.

Also, consider the amount of time it will just be somewhere you hang out and eat a quick meal or whether it will often serve as a real dining area. And think about how much seating the island should offer. Your island must be a comfortable place to dine, as well as serving as a functional place to prepare food.