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Top Appliance Choices for Modern Kitchens

Essential components to every kitchen are the appliances. You can have the kitchen design of your dreams, but you should ensure that your appliances perform to your expectations, if not beyond them. Colors, patterns, and textures may be important aesthetically, but there are also practical and functional considerations. Having an oven that looks beautiful but does not have a broiling function that you need may diminish your kitchen somewhat. As experts in outfitting kitchens, Kvik would like to offer some tips regarding selecting the best appliances for you.

Major Appliances Features to Look For

When most people think about kitchens, they think about stoves and refrigerators. So, that is where we will begin.


Cooking range

Depending on how much you cook, you may only want a simple stovetop with two burners. If you aspire for gourmet status, you may want four or even six burners. Essential considerations here would be whether you want gas or electric ranges, or a combination of both. Another option is induction heat, which uses electromagnetic fields to heat food and cookware while keeping a cool surface. Whatever you choose, you should also make sure that you have ample ventilation to keep things from getting hot and smoky.

Some people rely on a microwave for their oven needs, but if you plan on baking cakes or roasting meats, you may want to invest in an oven as well. When selecting an oven, you should look a for a true convection heating system for uniform cooking. And a self-cleaning function is also ideal.


As the central storage space for perishables, as well as beverages, you want to make sure that your refrigerator is big enough for your needs. Consider that a family of four may need about 24 cubic feet, but six or more may want around 30. Having proper shelving and drawers for keeping fruits and veggies fresh and separated from leftovers is also key. Those who rely on freezer space, either for ice cream or for long-term storage, may want a side-by-side model with the freezer section taking one side of the fridge, not just the top or bottom.


A dishwasher may seem like a splurge, but depending on your family’s cooking and eating habits, it may become an essential appliance. Here you want to look for the cycles and options as well as how well it dries. How quiet it is when it runs and its energy efficiency should also be features to be on the lookout for.


Small Appliances to Consider for Your Kitchen

Along with your major appliances, there are also smaller ones that you may want to consider for your countertops.


In today’s on-the-go lifestyle, most people would consider a microwave a major appliance now. Depending on how much you plan on using it, you will want to consider size and wattage. Size for where you plan on putting it on your countertop, and wattage since you don’t want this time saving device to take too much time.


If you like your smoothies, you may want to invest in a blender. For an optimal device, look for more than three speed settings and perhaps one with interchangeable containers for greater convenience.


You don’t need to be a coffee connoisseur to enjoy home brewed coffee first thing in the morning. There are many different types from simple drip makers to full-service machines that grind and pour everything from americanos to cappuccinos. You will need to contemplate how much counterspace you have and whether you really need all those different functions.

Food processor

Home cooks will appreciate the chopping and shredding power of a food processor. You need to pick a size suitable for your needs with the proper attachments for additional functions. And make sure it has the power for what you want so that you don’t burn out the motor in mid mix.

There are plenty of other appliances that you may want to consider, such as a rice cooker, which no Asian home should be without, or an air fryer if you are looking for more heart-healthy meal options. There are also toaster or kettles, kitchen scales or electric grills. As you check out the specifications and features, you may also want to look into smart devices if you want to leverage the Internet of Things. This could allow you to control energy usage as well as make sure that the coffeemaker is turned off without having to go back home!


Kvik is Your Kitchen Expert

Whether you want a fully smart kitchen with all the bells and whistles, or you prefer a small, cozy kitchen for simple meals, Kvik is here for you. We offer a diverse array of designs with experienced advisors who can help you select the best layout to suit your needs. Contact us today to find out how.