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How to choose the best kitchen cabinets for your kitchen

Cabinets are an integral part of every kitchen. From a small, single-counter kitchenette to a fully equipped professional-standard kitchen with an island, you will want cabinets for storage and convenience. Kitchen cabinets are not only functional, but they are a design component that lets you express your aesthetics, from color to size to handles.

Kvik understands that kitchen cabinets should be considered with care before making decisions. So, here are some tips and factors to contemplate as you look into new cabinetry for your kitchen.


Whether you are renovating or building from scratch, you should be working from a budget. While it would be nice to have unlimited funds, a budget will also help you keep your design vision together as you stay focused. Depending on how you prioritize the various components of your kitchen, cabinets can be anywhere from 30-50% of your total cost. This makes sense since cabinets often take up the most space in a kitchen.


We will get to space in a moment, but first you may want to consider how you plan on organizing your kitchen. Do you want to have a pull-out spice and seasoning rack by your stovetop, or would you rather have an overhead cabinet for them? Where will you keep your various small appliances? For example, do you want to have your mugs and saucers near where your coffeemaker will be? Do you plan on having several appliances like a blender, air fryer, and food processor stashed away until you need them?


Now that you have a better idea of what you need from your kitchen and its cabinets, you can work on making sure that the space you have is enough. Unsure whether everything will fit? You can ask an expert, such as those at Kvik, for advice on maximizing storage space. There are many solutions that combine shelving with drawers, magnetic strips, hooks, and more to make your space work for you and not the other way around!


The style you pick for your kitchen cabinets should be one that expresses your design tastes, but it should also allow for a little flexibility. Perhaps consider them a foundation to set the tone for the rest of your choices. You should consider traditional, modern, and transitional options. Traditional designs do risk looking old-fashioned after a time, while modern styles may be a little muted for your tastes, but then you can add colorful flourishes to the décor. Then there are transitional designs that marry traditional and modern elements. Of course, this is about what pleases your eye, but if you ever plan on selling your home, you may also want to consider what potential buyers may want.


Just as the style could be considered the foundation of your kitchen’s design, the color you choose for your kitchen cabinet can set the palette and tone. You may want to consider neutral tones if your walls and floors are darker or patterned. Or you may want to develop contrasts to the colors and patterns of your countertops. If given the option, you may also want to consider the tones inside the cabinets as well.

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Doors / Drawers

While kitchen cabinets usually bring doors and shelving to mind, kitchen cabinets also include drawers. Opening up to shelves may seem more convenient, especially for higher cabinets, but reaching to the back may prove difficult. Also, drawers may offer greater flexibility in dividers or layered sections. However, drawers could be more expensive than shelving since there are more moving parts. So, you may want to do a little planning on what goes where so you make the most efficient use of doors or drawers while still staying within your budget. Kvik has a range of drawer solutions that you may find ideal for your cooking and kitchen needs.


Every little detail counts in your kitchen, including kitchen cabinet handles. You may prefer the look of brushed chrome handles. Or antique bronze knobs may be more your thing. Again, your choices should be tempered by style and function. You could choose one over the other or have a strategic combination. Then there are handle-free options – either through cutouts, grips, or push-open latches – that may better fit your style. They may also be easier to clean as they create smoother surfaces without those knobs and handles.

Added features

As you consider the many features and options for your kitchen cabinets, here are a few others. If you have children, or plan on having kids, you may want to think about childproofing the kitchen, especially cabinetry that leads to sharp or heavy utensils. To facilitate convenience, you may want to think about adding lighting inside or underneath cabinets or installing electrical outlets so drawers or cabinets can double as workstations or charging points.

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Kvik offers quality kitchen cabinets

With a wide array of durable, easy-to-maintain kitchen cabinet solutions, Kvik is ready to assist you in designing the kitchen of your dreams. Stop by one of our kitchen showrooms, or make an appointment for a private consultation, and take one step closer to completing your vision.