Contemporary Kitchen Design in Thailand

When you're planning your new kitchen design, the colour you choose for your worktops, cabinets and drawers has to complement all the other elements in the room. White is the logical colour choice for several reasons:

  • White surfaces reflect light, making your kitchen brighter and more inviting.
  • The colour white is clean and hygienic, ideal for food preparation.
  • White provides a great backdrop for colourful accessories and gadgets.

By choosing a white kitchen design, you can create a kitchen that stands the test of time. Simply update gadgets and accessories to match your taste or changes in your lifestyle, as you please.

The use of white will not only create a sense of space, but you'll also be able to clearly define the cooking area as the focus of the room. Choose islands, worktops, and cabinets that feature white facades with long horizontal accents to add a sense of depth and length to your kitchen area.

Kvik Offers Five White Kitchen Designs

We have created five white kitchen designs. They can be used to brighten a kitchen as well as highlight and accent functional and stylistic elements of the room.

Linea White Kitchen

Our Linea White Kitchen brightens up a small kitchen with plenty of storage and innovative design solutions. If you have limited space in your existing kitchen area, the Linea White Kitchen is for you.

Mano White Kitchen

Increase the sense of space with our Mano white kitchen design. Mano uses clean lines, horizontal accents, and cabinet profiles to make your kitchen appear larger.

This kitchen incorporates some of the best Danish design features. Handle-free drawers and cabinets open from either the top or bottom to preserve the clean lines of the kitchen.

Rimini White Kitchen

Introduce a bit of rustic charm to your kitchen by choosing the Rimini White Kitchen design. An attractive solid wood worktop sets the style and is further enhanced by the matte-finished, white foil cabinet and door facades, and antique steel handles.

Tinta White Kitchen

For the ultimate in minimalist white kitchen design, choose the Tinta White Kitchen with a white laminate worktop. Tinta offers both horizontal and vertical profiles to the cabinets, islands and worktops so you can select the profiles that best suit the available space in your kitchen.

A Tinta kitchen offers flexibility, as well. With easily-applied foil veneers, you can change to any of nine colour profiles later on as your tastes change.

Vista White Kitchen

Framed cabinet doors with classic handles and a quartz or solid wood worktop are timeless hints of Shaker Design.

Create a rustic sense of textures and depth within your kitchen while you maintain the contemporary convenience of modern design.

All of our white kitchen designs can be viewed at any of our seven showrooms across Thailand. With three showrooms in Bangkok, plus showrooms in Hua Hin, Pattaya, Phuket, and Surat Thani, now every home in Thailand can feature contemporary Danish designs.