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Complete Your New Kvik Kitchen with Matching Kitchen Furniture

Choosing to renovate or redesign your kitchen is a major decision. As the most important room in the house, planning your kitchen’s design and layout is essential to creating a personalized feel for your home. You can meet with Kvik’s team of expert designers to explore the various kitchen series in their catalog, and discuss the benefits of each design.

Now that you’ve taken the major decision to fully redesign your kitchen in one of Kvik’s signature kitchen styles, next it’s time to complete your new kitchen with complementary furniture, and decide on ideas for cabinet design.

How your kitchen will look depends greatly on the space you are working with and the type of kitchen you’ve chosen. Kitchen furniture, such as dining tables and counter stools, need to match the kitchen’s design and fit harmoniously in the available space.

Choose Your Color Scheme

When you are in the process of designing a kitchen, you have many options to choose from with regards to color. You will first want to decide on the color of your walls, floor, and ceiling before moving on to some of the kitchen installations.

If you have a lot of natural light in your kitchen, be it from a series of windows or a door to the outside, it may be best to opt for lighter paint tones for the walls and ceiling. The combination of natural light and light colors will make the room feel bigger and brighter.

In contrast, choosing an all-black interior or colors along the grayscale may make your kitchen feel cramped.

Some tones, like forest greens or earthy browns, can create a natural feel to a kitchen. If your kitchen has exposed wooden beams or woodland views outside, a more natural color palette may be your best choice.

Of course, white is always a tempting option, as the appearance is clean and uniform looking. But it’s important to remember that “everything shows” when working with white; therefore, the color contrast will magnify any spills or stains. Keep that in mind if you have small children at home.

Whatever color scheme you end up choosing, remember to pick a countertop color that matches. Similarly, when considering cabinet ideas, you will want to find a good color balance between the colors you chose for the wall and countertop. Keep in mind that your cabinet colors will likely be the most dominant color you notice in your kitchen.

Identify What Furniture You Need

If your new kitchen is large enough to accommodate furniture, you need to think about what type of furniture you need.

If your kitchen has a large kitchen island, you will likely want to complete it with a set of kitchen stools. Stools or highchairs are flexible options because they can turn your kitchen island into a workstation or a place to eat a quick meal. Stools can also be stored under the countertop to make space when they are not in use.

Does your home have a separate dining room where you typically eat your meals? If so, you probably want to have a small breakfast table in the kitchen for more informal dining. You can even install a booth-style seat against one of the available walls and position the table accordingly. Kids will love this seating option too.

With any table, of course, comes the need for chairs. If the table in your kitchen is your primary eating area, then you will want to buy sturdy chairs with good support. On the other hand, if the table is for secondary use, functional chairs that can be easily moved around are a better option.

Make Sure the Colors Match

When you design your kitchen, you need to consider all the components inside the space as a whole. In other words, the color scheme you’ve decided on for the interior and kitchen installations needs to match with the furniture you fill the space with.

Kitchen furniture designs for a Kvik kitchen should be in line with the minimalist approach that defines Danish kitchen design. Anything too ornate will stand out and take away from the beautiful kitchen you’ve worked so hard to design.

If you’ve undergone the full kitchen renovation process with Kvik, speak to your sales consultant about kitchen furniture design options. Our team will be happy to assist you with completing the kitchen of your dreams with complementary furniture.



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