Spend Your Staycation Designing Your Kitchen

Despite our best efforts, the COVID-19 virus has crept back into Bangkok, dashing our summer plans of adventure and keeping us locked indoors. While we may be crushed that we don’t have the freedom to safely travel and make the most of the summer months outdoors, we have now been blessed with a great opportunity to make some improvements to our living spaces.

The perfect place to start any home makeover is the kitchen, and at Kvik, we are here to help you take your kitchen design to the next level. As experts in modern kitchen design, we have identified a few key areas where you can make meaningful improvements to your kitchen without needing a full redesign.

Celebrate this summer with a staycation and use the time to optimize your kitchen’s design and give the entire space a fresh look and feel.

Organize Your Drawers and Cabinets

Kitchen drawers and cabinets are great because they are spacious and can house just about everything you need in your kitchen. But, at some point, you might realize that you are simply out of space for all of your flatware, tableware, appliances, and whatever else you have in your kitchen.

By upgrading your kitchen cabinets and drawers and installing Kvik products, you’ll find that organization and storage is much easier and more intuitive. With Kvik drawer and cabinet modules, you can design the size of each element to fit perfectly with your collection of dishes, pans, and containers.

Nothing is worse than having a disorganized kitchen with cluttered drawers and cookware wedged into available spaces. With the right cabinet and drawer design, your kitchen can be easily organized.

Hardware and Façades

You might take a look at your kitchen and feel that your kitchen’s facings and hardware need some sprucing up. Modern kitchen designs change periodically, prompting many homeowners to want to give their kitchen a facelift.

When it comes to designing cabinet doors and drawer façades, you have plenty of options for how you want them to look. The first step in refreshing these kitchen design elements is to consider which color and material you prefer. Kvik can guide you in choosing between wood or coloured aluminium façades and explain the pros and cons of each.

Next, you will want to decide what kind of handles you’d like on your cabinets and drawers. Many Kvik modern kitchen designs, such as the Tinta Kitchen, feature handless cabinetry. This sleek design has a very appealing look because it makes everything look streamlined and uniform; however, we also carry a range of modern handles in case you prefer to have something to grab on to.

Lighting and Paint

Another simple way to add some spice to your kitchen design during your summer staycation is to update your lighting and apply a fresh coat of paint to the kitchen walls. Together, these two upgrades can totally transform your kitchen and give it a fresh, bright new look.

Lighting in a kitchen is double-edged. On one hand, you want to make sure each workstation in the kitchen is properly lit so that whoever is cooking can clearly see what they are doing. On the other hand, too much lighting may be too bright or cause glare off some of the appliances. Kvik can offer guidance on how to balance electrical lighting with any natural lighting you may have to give your kitchen the appropriate levels.

When it comes to painting, however, only you know what paint color suits your home best. When deciding how to paint your kitchen, it’s important to take into account the color of your cabinets and appliances, and the material and color of your floor and countertops.

Don’t let lockdown and restricted movement keep you from making the most of your summer! A staycation at home where you finally get to modernize your kitchen may be just what you need to give your home a fresh look and feel. We are just as passionate about your kitchen design as you are, so contact your local Kvik showroom today and find out how we can help.



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