When we say our customers are important, we really mean it! For example, Kvik has some very simple but very important philosophies. We’ve written them down to make sure we never forget them. And so that you will understand how important you are to us.


Kvik has been supplying a real Danish  kitchen design for more than 30 years. We revolutionised the kitchen sector with innovative design and rapid delivery. The concept remains the same to this day, and we continue to develop. So we’re still delivering  100% imported kitchen from Denmark cause we believe that ' Everyone has the right to a real Danish kitchen'. 


Kvik has been a major figure in the European home-kitchen market for more than 30 years. As of 2017 we operate 150 stores worldwide, Kvik is rapidly expanding across Asia. We now operate 6 stores across Thailand and expand for neighbouring  in Hong Kong. We likewise have plans to enter to Southeast Asia sooner. 



      Meet Master Franchisee in Asia



Iain Flitcroft (Owner)


My life in kitchens began in 1989 , when I joined Manhattan Furniture in the UK as a junior accountant. I loved the kitchen business and progressed until, eventually, becoming Managing Director and then buying the business in 2000.

By 2013 we were manufacturing and installing more than 500 kitchens a week into both retail and new housing development all around the UK. It was then that we sold Manhattan to Ballingslov International (part of the Stena Group) who also own Kvik.

Having worked with a team, here in Bangkok for nearly 20 years, I was excited to be offered the opportunity to become the Master Franchisee for Kvik, here in Asia, move to Bangkok permanently and personally take on this store in Thonglor.

I love Thailand and its people and after thirty years in the kitchen industry, still get a huge thrill out of supplying beautifully designed, manufactured and fitted kitchens.

There is no doubt that we are the most accessible, truly imported brand in Asia and I really look forward to welcoming you to our store and together with our team here, transforming the heart of your home with a Kvik Real Danish Kitchen.



You can at any time book a meeting with our interior design experts who are ready to assist you - no matter what.