A Classic White Kitchen Design Never Goes Out of Style

At Kvik, we specialize in helping our customers create modern, minimalist Danish kitchens that best fit their home and family lifestyle. We’ve already written about how you can give your home a bold identity with a black kitchen design; so today, we are going to the opposite end of the spectrum and focusing on the endless design possibilities a white kitchen design gives you.

Much like our approach to black kitchens, Kvik believes that having a white kitchen design doesn't necessarily mean that each and every element in the kitchen needs to be white. In fact, most white kitchen designs will primarily feature white cabinetry, drawers, and appliance facings, while elements such as the countertops and walls will be different colors. Using a single color as the basis for your kitchen design gives you the flexibility to accent other features of the kitchen through your use of color.

There is an emphasis on keeping things simple with a white kitchen design, so let’s look at some of the ways you can stylize your white kitchen to add personal touches.

Kvik Kitchens Look Great in White

With any modern kitchen design from Kvik, our design team will work with you to plan the layout. This will determine the flow and function of the space. Therefore, you need to consider factors such as how much space you need for cooking and whether or not you plan to use the kitchen as a place to host friends and family.

One of the most popular modern white kitchen designs is the Kvik Tinta series. The Tinta series is focused on a central kitchen island and is representative of Kvik’s “sociable kitchen” concept. Tinta kitchens incorporate gray marble countertops for a subtle look and utilize the kitchen island to hide any appliances from view that don’t fit the color scheme.

Perhaps you prefer more natural elements that make your kitchen appear more rustic. The Mano kitchen series uses wooden countertops to soften the kitchen’s aesthetic and allows you to decorate the kitchen with other wooden elements, like a pot rack, kitchen table, and cutting boards.

Luckily for you, each Kvik kitchen design looks great in white.

Accent Your Kitchen with Color

Modern white kitchens do more than just give off a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic; they serve as canvases for you to add to using different colors. Because white is the lightest shade of color, each accented feature will pop and add visual depth to your kitchen.

Which elements of your kitchen you choose to accent with color are up to you, and our design team will walk you through the different options available based on the kitchen design you choose. Some elements of the kitchen that are popular to enhance with color include the countertops, back walls, cabinet and drawer handles, door knobs, and trims. You can even have an all-white kitchen with black appliances and really keep things minimalist.

Work With Kvik To Customize Your Modern White Kitchen

Our team of expert designers is ready and waiting to help design a kitchen that suits your needs and preferences. Check out our wide variety of different modern white kitchen options and get in touch with us for a consultation today.