Make a Statement with a Modern Black Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the heart of any home. At Kvik, we are passionate about sharing the art of minimalist Danish kitchen design with our customers through our signature kitchen series. Our vast selection of different kitchen designs, layout options, and color schemes gives homeowners complete control over their kitchen's look, feel, and function. 

Go Bold with Black

Traditionally, Danish kitchens blended light, natural colors with simple, seamless layouts, paying homage to pre-modern aesthetics and function. But, as modern kitchens have evolved to incorporate stainless steel appliances and other non-traditional elements, so too have the parameters for defining what a Danish kitchen design truly looks like. 

Of all the kitchen designs in our signature series, none can match the sleekness and boldness of the Kvik black kitchen design. Bucking tradition and injecting a strong profile into any home, a modern black kitchen design makes a profound statement about an owner’s choice of decor while still maintaining a connection to Scandinavian design.


Contemporary black kitchen designs can take on many styles and variations. Installing a black Kvik kitchen does not simply mean making everything in your kitchen black; instead, it's about introducing black to your kitchen to make it stand out, even if it is not the most used color.

For example, you can make black the focal point of a kitchen by creating contrast. A kitchen with white walls and cabinetry can be accented with black appliances, countertops and trimmings. The boldness of the countertop and appliances will be strong enough to dominate the look and feel of the kitchen.

Similarly, you can decide to go all-black with your kitchen cabinetry and countertop, but make the walls within the kitchen and the countertop a lighter color. Playing with contrast like this will always highlight the black coloring. How you want to incorporate black into your kitchen design is entirely up to you.

Everything Looks Good in Black

If you are fond of a particular kitchen series from Kvik, you will be pleased to know that you can incorporate black coloring into nearly every kitchen design.

Black cabinetry with a light countertop color looks especially modern and sleek in kitchens with a kitchen island. The double set of contrast makes the kitchen look uniform while also accentuating each feature. Both the Prato and Mano series of kitchens can be customized to include black elements.

If your home does not have space for a kitchen island, you may appreciate the Bordo series. If you prefer this look and design, we suggest making everything black except for the walls and countertop.

Work With a Kvik Specialist

Choosing the color scheme of a kitchen can be challenging without being able to properly visualize how your kitchen will look. If you are interested in a modern black kitchen design but are unsure how to arrange the colors, come to one of our showrooms and speak with a design specialist.

Our team will walk you through the different design options and layouts before letting you mix and match colors in a model rendering. We will guide you in choosing the best style for your kitchen by sharing ideas and concepts from our previous installations.

Go bold and make a statement with your new kitchen design by choosing a contemporary black Kvik kitchen design.



You can at any time book a meeting with our interior design experts who are ready to assist you - no matter what.  ​​​