Regardless of when you meet Kvik or what we do together, you must feel the red thread that comes from our focus points in life and the market. This is our foundation stone. 

Mission: We offer kitchens, baths and wardrobes in Danish design at surprisingly low prices. 

Vision: Everyone is entitled to a great kitchen. We insist that the experience of a kitchen purchase should be as comfortable as life in the kitchen.


When Knud Boel Troelsen established Kvik in Kibæk, Denmark, in 1983, it was as a reaction to conditions being offered to customers by the established kitchen sector. Long delivery times, unfathomable sales processes and sky-high prices.

Kvik was based on common sense, a deep respect for our customers and, not least, willingness to change. And challenging old paradigms is a recurring theme in our work – both in the way we sell our kitchens and in our ideas on interior design and functionality.



At Kvik we know that very few have tried to buy a new kitchen when they come in to us. Our competent kitchen experts are therefore always ready with advice on both large and small, so that we can together find the best solution for your new kitchen.