classic Danish design in solid oak

Quality craftsmanship and exclusive design. Cima is the essence of Danish kitchen design. Beautiful fronts in solid oak, at a surprisingly low price.

With inspiration in the Danish nature we have created Cima. A flexible design in light and dark oak that can be easily combined with other traditional kitchen designs such as black or white doors.

Explore three benefits of Cima below.

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The hallmark of Cima is the beautiful, clean lines of drawers and cabinets that give you an exclusive and sophisticated look. Stylish and strongly associated with Danish design.

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Cima is made of solid oak and covered with a layer of carefully selected oak veneer to create a uniform look.

The doors are available in three different colors; light, dark and black oak - designed to last year after year and require minimum maintenance. Strongly connected to Danish nature and the Nordic light.

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Classic Danish design is about function and aesthetics, and does not give in to the trends of the time, but feels equally exclusive year after year.

Of course, with all the little details in mind, we have also made the price attractive. Whether you choose black, dark or light oak, the price and quality remain the same.


Whether you choose light or dark oak , it is great for making your home more vibrant.

Bright oak gives you a warm and minimalist kitchen design. A sense of nature and elegance.

The strong contrast in dark oak gives you a raw kitchen design with a raw and exclusive look - designed to last year after year. A true opportunity to stand out in your decor.

Well thought

out to keep prices down

At Kvik, we believe that good Danish design is for everyone - we compromise on the price but never with quality and design.

Cima is a quality kitchen in solid oak, with an exclusive expression in classic Danish design. All at a price that far from reflects the great value you add to your home for many years to come.

We have chosen to price Cima variants equally. Whichever one you choose, the price and quality are the same.

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