Choose the Best Kitchen Design for You

The kitchen is often the most personalized room in the home. Your kitchen design not only reflects your family’s cooking habits, but how your family lives and interacts. It’s the room where the family meets most often and where they feel most comfortable.

But for the cooks in the family, it isn’t enough for the kitchen to be comfortable, it also has to be workable. You should never be fighting against your kitchen design to accomplish the tasks you need to perform regularly in the kitchen. If you’ve noticed that your kitchen design isn’t working for you, then it needs to be changed.

Creators of progressive modern kitchen designs in Thailand understand the different purposes a kitchen serves so the designers that create these kitchens use surface materials that are always up to the task. 

In modern kitchen design, there are lots of options when it comes to the worktop surfaces you can choose. Choosing the right option can save you tearing your hair out with the prospect of having to replace those surfaces after they’ve been damaged or ruined by your cooking habits.

Choose the Right Worktop Surfaces

There are three main materials used for modern kitchen surfaces. Granite, quartz and solid wood countertops and working surfaces have proven to be the best choices, depending on how you use your kitchen.

Here are some considerations:

  • Granite is elegant. It doesn’t absorb stains easily, but it does require some maintenance, and it can dull knives quickly and become scratched.
  • Quartz is beautiful and durable. It resists chipping and scratching, and it doesn’t stain easily. But it’s expensive and the resin and polymer fillers in the surface can be damaged by hot cookware.
  • Wood comes in the greatest variety of colors and finishes. It’s a great work surface for active cooks and is kind to the edges of knives. But wood is porous. It stains easily and may need to be refinished from time to time.

You’ll need to think about how your kitchen is used and what your worktops will be subjected to. Also take into consideration that you’ll probably have to perform some maintenance at some point in your kitchen’s lifetime.

Know What Will Be Expected of Your Surfaces

Your choice of worktop will very much depend on your lifestyle and design preferences. For instance, a more relaxed homeowner who isn’t too concerned about a polished appearance, and is operating within a budget, will likely choose a wooden kitchen design that features solid wood surfaces. A few burns and knife marks are often seen as pluses. It’s a sign of a healthy, active kitchen where great dishes are prepared. Wood is often the go-to surface as well because of the warmth it offers visually.

On the other hand, homeowners who have the budget and are looking at the long-term and see their kitchen as an investment are likely to favour quartz. Quartz will hold up better than wood or granite. It will demand little to no maintenance from the moment it’s installed until the house is sold. So, it’s the best choice for a kitchen, if you can afford it.

Granite is the best choice for homeowners on a budget who love to cook. Granite offers a cleaner, more modern and streamlined look than wood. Granite requires less maintenance than wood but comes with a higher price tag. Granite is often the choice for homeowners who care about visuals and favor a more modern look for their kitchen, and don’t mind performing a bit of maintenance to keep it looking good.

Be Honest About Your Expectations

When you’re shopping for a worktop surface, don’t be seduced by a surface that looks better than all the others if it doesn’t offer the durability or ease of care you need. It’ll be a part of your life for at least a few years, and you want to be happy in your kitchen as it plays such a major part in your life.

Take your time and choose the best surface to match your aesthetics, as well as your cooking habits and lifestyle.

The team at Kvik can answer any questions you may have about worktop surfaces. They’re a valuable resource when you’re in the planning stage of kitchen design.



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