Great Tips for Accessorizing Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Modern kitchens are becoming more and more popular in Thailand these days. This is partly because of the important role that food plays in Thai culture, and partly because of how easy it is to change kitchen components to suit your lifestyle and mood. But it's mostly because it's fun to build a kitchen you can feel at home in and be inspired by to create healthy and delicious meals for your family.

Family is an important part of the equation. Kitchens have traditionally been a meeting place at the beginning and end of the day. People are realizing how important the kitchen has become in strengthening family bonds and creating a warm and loving atmosphere where family members can gather and share their stories over a meal.

The goal in contemporary kitchen design is to create the ideal comfortable and efficient space.


Comfortable and Efficient Kitchens for the City and Suburbs

The perfect way to accessorize your city kitchen design in Bangkok is to add all the details that will help you store your items, put everything where you want, and make your kitchen an efficient place to work. In the often hectic and fast-paced environment of the city, being able to cook a meal efficiently and quickly is half the battle. It leaves you more time to spend with your family and makes interacting with family members easier in the sometimes limited kitchen space.

In the suburbs, you often have more time and a more spacious kitchen area to take advantage of. Still, you don't want to have everything spread out when you’re preparing a meal. Learn some of the ways that you can accessorize your modern kitchen space to suit your lifestyle and create a warm and inviting space for the whole family.


Plan Outwards from Your Central Workspace

If you love to cook, why not take a tip from a commercial kitchen? If you wander into any kitchen in a busy restaurant, you'll notice that the area around the cooktop is arranged with all the most frequently used tools and ingredients. The chef never has to walk more than a step or two to get the things they need.

Plan your kitchen in the same way. You'll notice that not only does it save you looking for items when you need them, but it makes it less hectic and chaotic when other family members are trying to work in the kitchen at the same time.

You can get cabinets from Kvik that have convenient spaces for everything you need. Position these cabinets on either side of the cooktop and make your kitchen a calmer place to work at mealtimes.


Pay Attention to the Natural Traffic Flow

Every kitchen develops a natural flow of foot traffic. You should study the traffic flow in your kitchen and adjust your kitchen design accordingly. Make sure your most used cabinets don't open directly into walkways. And pay attention to which direction cabinet doors open. You want to have the contents of the cabinets facing the cooktop or prep area countertop. Think about the type of drawer pulls you use too. Drawer pulls extending too far into walkways can snag and damage clothing.

Also, try to steer the traffic away from the most frequently used cooking areas of the kitchen for safety. You want to minimize the chances of collisions and the resulting spills they can cause.


Match your Materials and Accessories to Create a Harmonious Déco

You want a good-looking kitchen. It's a room that the family will be spending a lot of time in, and you'll probably be entertaining guests there as well. Pay attention to the materials, drawer and cabinet pulls and hardware used on all your countertops and cabinets—details matter. You want them all to match. But you also want to make sure that they suit your cooking habits. Don’t choose cabinets and fittings based just on their looks, factor in their functionality as well.

Also, pay attention to your kitchen's lighting in regard to your surfaces. Surfaces that are lightly colored and shiny can cause glare. This can make your kitchen too bright and sterile. Place your lighting where it's needed to increase the functionality of your kitchen, and try to avoid over-lighting the entire room.

With some planning and a lot of forethought, you can have the kitchen of your dreams. Browse the showroom at Kvik for ideas that help you visualize your perfect kitchen. Talking to the design staff will also help your kitchen come together and become a happy reality for you and your family.



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