Danish Design Wardrobe Closets from Kvik


Do you dream of a fantastic wardrobe closet in a beautiful design that fits perfectly into your home? At Kvik, you get storage solutions that exactly match your needs and your home.

All wardrobes and sliding doors are made to measure to optimally utilize the space in your home. Creating a custom wardrobe tailored to the rooms of your home maintains the overall look of your decor while adding functional storage space.

A bold wardrobe closet is about more than a place to store your stuff away from view. We offer brilliant wardrobe solutions that create peace and order throughout your home, and they look great!
At KVIK, you’ll find attractive wardrobe closets that can rid your home of unsightly clutter and organize your clothes and other household items. You’ll experience a greater sense of order in your home and will be able to easily locate items once they’re in their proper place.

Our danish design wardrobe closets offer plenty of storage room for items of all sizes and shapes. You choose the configuration of the interior shelving to suit your everyday storage needs. Your delicate and expensive clothes will always be properly stored, increasing their longevity. Shoes, shirts, linens and towels will have a home where you can always find them.


At Kvik, we believe that Danish design should be for everyone. That's why we say, "Everyone is entitled to a bold wardrobe." This means well-thought-out products with a bold Danish design, made of durable quality materials at surprisingly low prices.

We promise you that we will always give you a better solution - at a lower price - than you will find at other kitchen specialty stores. 


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Get the feeling of true luxury with De Luxe Combi: Exclusive wardrobe or walk-in closet.

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Get a bold sliding door wardrobe with full-size mirror doors - and enjoy the ultimate overview of both wardrobe and outfit.

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Vario19 white is a beautiful and simple open wardrobe, designed with the focus on clean lines and easy access to what you use most.

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With a Mano brewer from Kvik you get a simple expression in your hectic utility room.


A wardrobe purchase requires that a lot of considerations be decided. In which room should the wardrobe be placed? Should it have hinged doors or sliding doors? Which fittings and accessories should I choose? With our guide, we help you on the road to a final decision so that you get exactly the wardrobe of your dreams and one which is tailored to your needs.

The guide offers practical tips on placement and taking precise measurements to ensure the wardrobe fits the intended room. We also offer some important things to consider when ordering the interior shelving, racks and hangers of your wardrobe closet to maximize its functionality.


No matter where in the home you need storage space, you can get a well thought-out wardrobe solution at Kvik. You have a choice of wardrobe closets for the bedroom with sliding doors or hinged doors.

Spacious and flexible wardrobes for hallways and utility rooms. Convenient storage in the children's room and office. Create beauty, peace and order, and enjoy the Danish design throughout your home.

We have lots of designs to choose from in several finishes that will suit every room in your home and add to the beauty of your decor. The Danish design of our wardrobes fit well with all home furnishings and decor. They offer sleek, modern lines that lend a contemporary accent to all the rooms in your home.

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Sliding doors have many advantages. They do not fill the room, store things away and give you free games to decorate with shelves, drawers, hanger rods and other accessories. Kvik sliding doors are delivered according to individual dimensions of up to 270 cm in height, so that you can make optimal use of the possibilities in your room.

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Who doesn't dream of their own personal walk-in? A walk-in closet is in many ways the ultimate wardrobe. Step into the dream: Get a great overview of your things - and discover how self-indulgence and hands-on storage go together.

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Kvik has an attractive selection of cabinets with hinged doors. An obvious option for the children's room, the office, or where you need simple storage with good furnishing options. Use grips to emphasize the style and put your personal touch on the closet.



Visit your nearest Kvik store - we will help you on the way. You will get to know your options and get advice and guidance on designing a well thought out wardrobe that fits your needs perfectly.