StayKation with Kvik


‘Our Kitchen Photograph’ Competition Guidelines


Post and Share a great photo of your Kvik Kitchen and tell your friends why you love to have Kvik in your home!

StayKation with KVIK-01.jpg


Judging Criteria


1.    The 10 Best photos will be selected by our Judging Panel

2.    We will post the 10 best photos onto our Kvik Asia Facebook page

3.    Everyone will be invited to vote for the best photo

4.    Another reward will be voted internally by Kvik committee


Entry Period


1.    Photos can be posted up to the 18th July 2021

2.    The 10 best photos will be announced on the 21st July 2021

3.    Voting for the final winners will close on the 27th July 2021

4.    Prize Winners will be announced on the 28th July 2021

How to Enter

1.    Post the photo to your Facebook news feed

2.    Add #StayKationwithKvikKitchen in your caption

3.    Set privacy to be public

4.    Tag the Kvik Asia Facebook page by adding @Kvik Asia into your caption




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