Tjadlind Arends-Woller — Kvik Leeuwarden

Tjadlind Arends-Woller and her husband Ted Arenda opened  Kvik Leeuwarden in September 2020. With Tjadlind out front doing sales and Ted in the back, ensuring the kitchens are perfectly installed, the two of them together form a well-oiled machine.

Tired of working in the corporate world, Tjadlind and Ted decided to pursue their old dream, namely that of one day going into business for themselves. Tjadlind had no experience as an entrepreneur and also no experience in the kitchen industry. So how did she end up running a Kvik franchise? We asked her what it was like to start as a woman in a male-dominated industry during what was arguably a difficult period at the height of the pandemic.


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"It's nice that your franchisor takes care of many overarching matters, so that you can focus on your business."

— Tjadlind Arends-Woller — Kvik Leeuwarden


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