Smart Sliding Doors Wardrobe with mirror


This is where you decide how your day should look. Do you choose the cozy sweater or the blazer? The pointed stilettos or soft loafers? Your wardrobe should give you the overview so that both busy everyday mornings and lazy Sundays can begin in the best possible way - without having to spend an eternity of time finding the clothes you had devised. And with the mirror nearby, it just gets even easier to put the right outfit together. The smart wardrobe with full-size mirror doors gives you both parts in one and the same solution: A functional wardrobe with mirror doors in a delicious Danish design that easily lets you structure the contents so that you get the perfect overview.

The price for the solution shown is incl. sliding doors, rail sets, gables and stops. Excl. interior design. Decor excl. styling


Smart Sliding Doors Wardrobe with mirror

Decorate and customize Smart with everything from drawers and shoe shelves to baskets and hanger rails. Build your own system and enjoy the full view of your entire wardrobe. And once you've found your favorite pants and blouse, the full-size Smart Wardrobe mirror doors help you get the full overview of your clothing selection, so the outfit is just perfect - and completely yours.



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