This privacy policy ("Privacy Policy") explains how Kvik A / S ("Kvik" or "we / us") collects and uses the personal information that you leave behind and / or indicate when you visit our website and use the different services here or elsewhere.

Also Kvik franchisees (independent shops and / or legal entities that are not controlled or owned by Kvik A/S or subsidiaries / associates, etc.) implement this policy on a 1: 1 basis as their own: All formulations, rights and Obligations hereunder apply as minimum rules to be implemented by franchisees, including Kvik franchisees, due to the franchise structure of the partnership and its legal implications.

Kvik A / S is the data controller for personal data collected through the website of Kvik A / S, unless otherwise stated in this privacy policy.


You will always be informed before collecting personal information about you. The personal data collected can, for example, be name, e-mail address, postal address, phone number, bank details etc.

Please note that some of the data collected is required for the use of services and / or products on our site. It appears from the forms used to collect personal data whether the requested information is mandatory or optional. If the information is mandatory, the field is marked with an asterisk (*). If you fail to provide the necessary information, please be aware that you may not be eligible to use the Services or receive products.

If you submit information about persons other than yourself, we encourage you to inform such other persons of the submission and to obtain their prior (preferably written) consent.


We collect and use personal information for the services and purposes mentioned below. We may also process your personal data for other purposes if we have the right or obligation to do so under applicable law.

According to this contract between us, we collect and use only your personal data for development, production, sales, marketing and maintenance purposes in connection with our services, products in the kitchen, bath and wardrobe - if you have given prior and explicit consent to such use, eg. for marketing purposes by subscribing to our newsletter on the site - or for marketing and sales purposes, if you have booked a meeting with us online. If an offer or order is made, we may retain your personal information in order to enter into a trade on the basis of this offer or deliver the ordered products. We can also use your personal information for cross-marketing and cross-campaigns with other players and for the sale of products / services within our various products and services,

Book a meeting

We are required to process the personal information you submit in our contact form when booking a meeting for one of our kitchen, bath or wardrobe solutions. This constitutes our legal basis for processing your personal information.

Subscribe to newsletter

We are required to process the personal information you submit in our subscription form when you subscribe to our newsletter. This constitutes our legal basis for processing your personal information.

Contact form for franchisees

We are required to process the personal information you submit in our franchise contact form in order to handle your requests. This constitutes our legal basis for processing your personal information.

Purchase of products and / or services

We are obliged to process the personal data you submit for the development, production, sale, marketing and maintenance of products and services related to kitchen, bath and wardrobe or for the online sale of such services and / or products.


We use cookies on our website. Read more about the use of cookies in our cookie policy.

Processing of the information collected using cookies requires your consent. You can find the conditions to give your consent in section 4 below.

The purpose of processing data collected using cookies is as follows:

  • to drive, improve and optimize the performance and user experience of the site and related services; 
  • to perform anonymous customer and user analysis and segmentation to improve our understanding of our users and provide better and customized services to users, including you 
  • statistical purposes.


Under certain circumstances and under the law, it may be necessary to pass on personal data to public authorities. We may also disclose your personal information in order to establish, exercise or defend our legal rights. We pass on your personal information to the data controllers used by us. We sign data processing agreements with such data controllers that secure your personal data.

In addition, we use the following sub-processors to process the personal data you submitted on our site:

Third-party IT vendors who store or process your data on our behalf - but only after signing a data-processing agreement (a written agreement that ensures that personal data is stored and / or processed within the legal framework of the EU Personal Data Registry, GDPR).

Third-party development, marketing and sales-related legal entities that store and process your data on our behalf - but only after signing a data processing agreement.

We only use your personal data for development, production, sales, marketing and maintenance purposes in connection with our services and products within the kitchen, bath and wardrobe. The same applies to third parties who store and / or process your personal information on our behalf. We make sure that the necessary data processing agreements are signed.

Your personal information is not disclosed to third party recipients without your permission, except as described above. Under no circumstances do we sell data commercially.


By using this site, you consent to the collection and processing of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy, for example. when you subscribe to our newsletter, incl. section 2 above.

Please note that you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

If you withdraw your consent, we will cease processing your personal data unless we have the right or obligation to continue processing on any other legal basis, including under applicable law, and then only on the basis of the rights and obligations under it. current legislation.

Please note that the withdrawal of your consent will not affect the legality of prior treatments made prior to the withdrawal.

In addition, due to the withdrawal of your consent, you may not be able to use the services or products found on this site.


We will delete your personal information when we no longer need to process the data to meet one or more of the purposes mentioned above. However, your information may be processed and stored for an extended period of time in anonymous form or if we are required to do so by law.


We have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to provide an appropriate level of security. Therefore, we do our best to protect the quality and integrity of your personal information.


You have the right to access the personal information about you we process, subject to certain legal exceptions.

In addition, you can object to the collection and further processing of your personal data. In addition, you have the right to correct your personal information or to request us to limit the processing of your personal data.

We delete or correct any information that is inaccurate or outdated due to the time that has elapsed since it was collected or due to any other information we hold.

If you provide us with a written request, we will also delete your personal information without undue delay unless we have a legal basis to continue processing, such as if the treatment is necessary to establish, exercise or reject a legal claim or is necessary for the performance of a contract with you.

In certain circumstances, you may also request that we provide you with a summary of your personal information in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format and ask us to transfer such data to another data controller.

In order for you to make use of the rights mentioned above, please contact us through the contact points in section 10.

For such requests, please provide us with relevant information so that we can process your request, including your full name and email address, in order to identify you. We will respond to your request as soon as possible and within one month.

If you disagree with our processing of your personal data, please be aware that you can file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority in Denmark , in the Faroe Islands and in Iceland . 


Our site may contain links to other sites or to embedded sites. We are not responsible for the content of other companies' websites (third party websites) or for the practices of those companies regarding the collection of personal data. When you visit third-party websites, you should read the owners privacy policy and other relevant policies.


We reserve the right to introduce important changes to this privacy policy in the future, such as changing legal provisions, introducing new technological solutions, introducing new or changed services, products, etc., or making updates or upgrading thereof.


If you would like us to update, rectify, or delete the personal information that we have registered about you, or if you no longer wish to receive information from us, or if you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact us at: mkt@kvik.com


We are not responsible for indirect damage and / or consequential damages of any kind. We are not liable for losses other than direct losses that are documented by the relevant party and limited, aggregated and maximized to 1,000,000 DKK. If we act grossly negligently (a manager in the company) and / or intentionally, this waiver of liability is not applicable.


All disputes in this case are subject to Danish law and Danish jurisdictions.

Yours sincerely, 
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