Corisa kitchen

THB 471,900


Designed exclusively by the Danish design duo Says Who, Corisa is an eye-catching addition to our carefully selected collection of Danish designer kitchens. The refined vertical lines signal craftsmanship and luxury, and the natural oak surface has a warm and inviting glow. It introduces a tactile and visually interesting natural element that pairs perfectly with our other kitchen designs and gives your kitchen an extra touch of luxury. As always at surprisingly low prices.

Suggested retail price is for cabinets, plinth and table top. Excl. security package, sink, faucet, white goods, styling, assembly, delivery and installation.

Corisa kitchen

THB 471,900

The product consists of




Quick warranty and quality

Luxurious Danish design

Corisa is designed to add an eye-catching luxurious touch to your kitchen. Invite the warmth of wood indoors. It is the perfect companion to our other designs. Choose tall cabinets in Corisa to complement your kitchen island or your drawers.

Warm and modern wood

The lacquered strips of oak veneer give your home a warm and modern touch. Their refined slim lines and the wealth of detail send a message of exclusive luxury. The surface of the striped wood design also brings an echo of nature indoors.



At Kvik we know that very few have tried to buy a new kitchen when they come in to us. Our competent kitchen experts are therefore always ready with advice on both large and small, so that we can together find the best solution for your new kitchen.