Legno Shelf


The Legno shelf is made of both light and dark wood veneer, and lifts your interior to completely new heights. The unique feature of Legno is the 6 white integrated boxes and the ability to hang the bookcase in four different ways. 

Make room for your favorite things in the small, white boxes. Use it for your favorite kettles and accessories in the kitchen - or maybe towels and makeup if you choose to use in that bathroom. Legno fits into any room in the home, so it is only the imagination that sets the limits.

We have even assembled the shelf for you, so all you have to do is order and pick it up at your nearest Kvik store.


LEGNO is made in close collaboration with the award-winning Danish design duo byKato. With solid experience from furniture design, byKato offers untraditional solutions that challenge the traditional kitchen thinking. 

Kvik collaborates with internationally renowned designers to deliver innovative solutions for Danish design at surprisingly low prices.