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With Tacto you get real craftsmanship in wood - and the opportunity to create a unique kitchen with your own personal touch. 

Mix wood fronts with gray, white or black fronts and play with different colors and materials for grip until the solution is just the way you want it. Do not adapt to a design - the design must be adapted to you. 

Create a kitchen you can sense. Explore the design behind Tacto and see three unique features below.

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The name Tacto is derived from the word "tactile" and refers to the way different materials and surfaces are perceived or felt when you touch them. 
Tacto's surface is brushed to preserve the natural tactile experience of wood that reminds us of nature.

Tacto Selected Kitchen 2.jpg

# 2: CRAFT


The unique thing about Tacto is the grips. A fusion between a mounted handle and an integrated handle that is perfectly milled into the front so that the handle and front appear as one piece. An essential detail of the design and what sets Tacto apart from other kitchen designs.

Tacto Selected Kitchen 3.jpg



Make the kitchen personal and unique by mixing materials, colors and surfaces. 
The machined grips on the Tacto are available in solid light and dark oak, in brass and two colors in cast iron, all of which perfectly combine cold and heat, the raw and the soft. Your very own unique design


Whether you choose  light or dark wood ,  it is great for making your home more vibrant. 

Light wood gives you a warm and minimalist kitchen design. A sense of nature and elegance. 

The strong contrast in dark wood gives you a raw kitchen design with a raw and exclusive look - designed to last year after year. A true opportunity to stand out in your decor.



Tacto is made in close collaboration with the award-winning Danish design duo byKato. With solid experience from furniture design, byKato offers untraditional solutions that challenge the traditional kitchen thinking. 

Kvik collaborates with internationally renowned designers to deliver innovative solutions for Danish design at surprisingly low prices.

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Are you considering Tacto as your new kitchen? At some point you need to see things in reality. Here you will have the opportunity to see and touch the materials - leave the senses at stake. Our kitchen experts are always ready to help you over a cup of coffee.